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Maintain, Rehabilitate, Invigorate

Your friend, your partner, your athlete.  Maintaining the healthy balance of mind and body will take your horse to an undiscovered place of bond, willingness and performance.

Training of Foals

All Ages, All Disciplines Benefit

Meet Your CEMT

Meet Your CEMT

My name is Jennifer, and I am the owner of Two Hands Equine Massage. I am a Certified Equine Massage Therapist (CEMT).  We are a military family and have lived in Virginia for three years. Rarely are there days I am not at the barn. I fell in love with horses as a young girl and always knew I wanted to work with them.  I became certified here in Virginia from a pioneer in her field, Mary Schreiber, owner and founder of Equissage.  Her program and techniques earned her many accolades from national show competitors and race horse owners.  Through her 30+ years of hands-on instruction she passes down her expertise to all her students.  

Relocating many times in the last few years has taken me to many barns and literally hundreds of horses.  Handling, feeding, medical care, barn chores, barn and property maintenance, and driving heavy machinery all encompass my equine experience.  Whenever time allows I enjoy attending rodeos, horse shows, clinics and taking trail rides.  I am fortunate to have some wonderful riding instructors in Western and English disciplines and even dabbled in an introduction to polo. 

During our appointments I gather a general history of your horse to include any medical or behavioral issues they may be exhibiting. Afterwards, I provide a general assessment poll to tail and proceed to the massage therapy.  Generally the massage will last an hour to an hour and a half with a 10-minute walk out afterwards.  

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About Equine Massage

About Equine Massage

No matter the life stage, workload or discipline; your horse will benefit from bodywork.

In most cases the difference in range of movement, general attitude, and willingness to work is immediately noticeable. The bond between human and animal is also improved. Showing the horse a calm and safe environment of relief helps to strengthen trust. 


  • Improved circulation

  • Healing time decreased

  • Reduces inflammation,swelling and pain

  • Generally improves horse's disposition - Releases pain and mood enhancing endorphins

  • Improved muscle tone and range of motion

  • Break up muscle "knots," adhesions, stretches tendons and ligaments

  • Promotes elimination of waste product and toxins therefore speeding up healing processes

  • Boosts athletic performance and endurance

  • Extends athletic career

  • Alleviating secondary issues from disease process, trauma or injury

Horses in the following categories also greatly benefit:

  • Senior​s

  • Cushings

  • Lyme Disease - reduces swelling, pain, inflammation 

  • Arthritis - reduces inflammatory process, relieves pain

  • Kissing Spine - relieves pain in areas (typically legs and hind end) compensating for back pain

  • Navicular Disease

  • Stall Rest - prevents stocking up, stiff and sore muscles from prolonged immobility (post surgical or illness)

  • Newly rehomed horses - decreases the stress and tension a new move creates

  • Horses that have been trailered over long distances


Common signs or behaviors to consider for massage:

  • Tying up (painful, continuous, uncontrollable muscle contractions after exercice)

  • Balance and Coordination Issues

  • Lateral Bending

  • Girth Discomfort

  • Tracking Evenly

  • Forward Impulsion

  • Lead Changes

  • "Cold" Back

  • Head tossing

  • Improper Leads

  • Dragging hind feet

  • Bucking or Rearing

It is important to note, massage is not a cure for any disease process, trauma or injury. It is an aid to provide relief, rehabilitation and health benefits as noted above.  ALWAYS consult your veterinarian when deemed necessary.

Girl with Horse
Woman riding a horse


Chester: 20 yo
Quarter Horse Gelding

"I'm a believer! Thank you so much! The lavender and music was simply wonderful!"

-Asia S.

Barrel Racing/Western shows/Trails

"Jennifer worked on my boy and it worked wonders! Highly recommend."

-Ashley T.

Traveller: 6yo
former gaited show horse
Dx: Lyme Disease

"Jennifer is very attentive and took her time making sure to address all areas of soreness my horse was experiencing."

-Melanie J

"Jennifer takes her time to make your horse comfortable. She is patient and happy to answer questions and give feedback.

-Veronica L.

Riding Instructor/Trainer

Blaise: 7yo
Dx: Bilat front knee arthritis/back pain

"Jennifer did an amazing job calming and soothing my big guy. I've never seen him so relaxed in his stall - Blaise is either eating or letting you know he should be eating. In no time, he dropped his head and looked like he was about to dose off! Jennifer has the magic touch. I will definitely do this for him again soon!" - Mary G.

Pricing & Packages

Pricing & Package Discounts

Military/First Responder Discount 10%

$5 off first session

Full Body Session


Sessions last approximately 1.5 hours

Payment is due in full at time of service

Package discounts can be accommodated based on individual plans


**Payment is due in full to receive discounted service

Payment accepted include Paypal, Zelle, Venmo, Cash or Check
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